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KUMI X-950BT 5.1 SUB WOOFER (1y)

Rs 27500
Rs 19500

KUMI 5.1 SUB WOOFER bluetooth amplifier audio home theater Speaker System for home for sale in sri lanka

USB, SD, Bluetooth, Fm

  • Out power rms:120watt
  • Power distribution: 15watt x 5+ 45watt
  • Harmonic distribution:<0.3% 1watt 1khz
  • Frequency response : 40hz -20khz
  • Signal/noise raito :db:>80db
  • Separation db: >40db
  • Tweeter drive type: 3″x5,4ώ
  • Woofer driver type: 6.5″,8ώ
  • Input: 3.5mm stereo
  • USB, SD, Bluetooth, Fm
  • Output:2rca